Alternative, Pop | Mokita and slenderbodies Connect on “speeding up”

Posted by on August 1, 2021

“Speeding Up’ is a flush new collaboration between Nashville singer/songwriter Mokita and Los Angeles duo, slenderbodies. It’s a smoothly executed indie-pop release that creates an admirably feel-good atmosphere. that will leave you wanting more The dreamy guitar work is blended with falsetto harmonies and lasing of silky, sleek electronic layers. It’s the perfect overlap of both artists usual sonic escapes. Check it out above now!

Chill | Kina and Mokita Connect on “I’m Not Going Back”

Posted by on February 27, 2021

Two highly buzzing artists connect on a new single entitled “I’m Not Going Back”. The song blends Mokita’s rich, creamy vox alongside Kina’s go-to style of lo-fi beats. The hybrid approach seamlessly blends undertones of R&B, electronic, hip-hop and pop, it’s truly a cornucopia of beautiful sounds. Check out the lyric video for “I’m Not Going Back” above now!

Chill | “Down” by Mokita is a Shape-shifting Original Single

Posted by on September 5, 2020

Raised in a small town in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, and, later, western North Carolina, Mokita — born John-Luke Carter — took to music at a young age, beginning 13 years of classical piano lessons at age six, before picking up the guitar and trying his hand at songwriting as a teen. Relocating to Nashville after college, John-Luke took on the Mokita moniker, a name adopted from Kivila, a language native to Papua New Guinea. The word Mokita roughly translates to “the truth we all know but don’t talk about,” and it’s that sentiment that has always informed Carter’s approach to songwriting, exploring themes like depression, anxiety, the joy and stress and uncertainty of budding and fading relationships, and other personal themes, all in ways we all too often feel but rarely so truthfully articulate. His latest offering is “Down”, a slow-burning sadly yet eventually upbeat single that will have you clicking play a few times back to back. I’m really ready for a full blown album via Mokita, every single I’ve heard has been great and had some real replay value. Check it out above now!


Albums | Mokita’s ‘4201’ EP Shows Off His Hybrid Style

Posted by on August 24, 2019

As can be expected from an EP that comes from the hand of Mokita, 4201 comes powered by club engineering and breaks out into flourishes of sound. Seamlessly changing back and forth between R&B, pop and an overall standout songwriting ability, Mokita’s 4201 EP offers chill-out love songs for when the party rages on next door, and tenderness as refreshing as a jump in the pool. Stream 4201 by Mokita after the jump now! Keep this Nashville rising star on your radar.

Chill | Mokita Drops “Kiss and Tell” Music Video

Posted by on March 28, 2019

“Kiss and Tell” is the first piece of music in 2019 by rising chill-pop act Mokita. The single, out now via Armada, comes with a gorgeous music video to accompany the summer soaked audio. Mokita proves himself yet again to be a top contender as one of the best up and coming singer/songwriter’s not only in Nashville, but in the entire music industry right now. Vibe out to “Kiss and Tell” above now and stay tuned for more new music soon enough!