Electronic | Affelaye – Before

Posted by on April 21, 2013


Affelaye continues to preview breathy lullabies off his debut EP ”Maybe There” that is soon to be released. Enhancing the scenery and smell of misty air, Joe Martin brings the bedroom to the beach. Coupling that with incoherent voices chiming in the distance plays an active dimension in many of his tracks, as it does here with ”Before”. I’ve yet to find another artist with as thoroughly encapsulating a beat as Affelaye’s.

Free Download : Affelaye – Before


Abstract Hip-Hop, Chill | Bedroom Beats #1

Posted by on March 8, 2013

FREE DOWNLOAD: Mosch – Coelho (Simp Remix)

Above is a cool visual that is mixed well into the remix by Simp. Watching it makes me wonder… if we lived in a dimension where time was set to 18,000fps, would we even know the difference? haha, trippy. Anyways, ’til this day I’m still constantly jaded by having a musical taste that revolves solely around simplified beats that are no greater than hip-hop instrumentals. Twisted vocal samples, mingled with subtle sonic arrangements that aren’t so repetitive is all I need. That said, let’s hear some.

A superb new track from Affelaye, previously known as Joe Martin. All I know is that his productions are by far some of the cleanest, well put together beats I’ve heard. Listen below.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Affelaye – Never Felt Real

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