Chill | RYNO Releases Donna Lewis Cover “I Love You Always Forever”

Posted by on April 11, 2017

The classic 80’s song by Donna Lewis has been reappearing in various forms this year, the latest being solo producer RYNO’s take on the song. His easy going, yet solid vocal twist on the original makes it enter the category of unforgettable mentally. With chord changes that gradually slide through right in the nick of time, RYNO’s “I Want You Always Forever” cover is a winner.

RYNO’s previous release, which was the remix DULSAE did on his original, showcased what makes the RYNO sound different while his newest expands on what listeners were introduced to. RYNO has plenty of previous music experience, from winning international BOTB contests to opening for Paul McCartney, so be watchful on this one as his productions are going places.