Bass | LICK and Holly Team Up on “PURGE”

Posted by on October 22, 2021

It had been a few months since the last time we had heard from LICK, but it was worth the wait. He teamed up with versatile producer Holly to create a straight up banger of a track. If you have seen LICK at all this year, you would have heard him rinsing this out because it absolutely goes off. Check it out and get hyped for LICK’s album which will be out later this year.

Bass | Holly and Fragz Drop Experimental Banger “Corrupt Data”

Posted by on July 5, 2017

Holly and Fragz have made a banger, but there are key elements that make these two’s latest collaboration, “Corrupt Data,” worth sharing. Mainly the uniqueness of the tempo and all-around timing of the catchy moments within. Equally a match, Holly and Fragz release their latest on MalLabel, an imprint that prides itself on showcasing a large variety of sounds as long as it’s good music. “Corrupt Data” is available on all major streaming platforms now.