Alternative, Indie | BEND – Four

Posted by on October 7, 2014

Nothing excites me quite as much as young people with a passion for music.

Enter: BEND, the duo of college students who make indescribable Pop/Indie/Alternative sounds from their respective dorm rooms. Both originally from Los Angeles, vocalist, Sean, relocated to New York while producer, Garrett, stayed close to home at the University of Southern California.

Limited by their time apart during the school year, BEND spends countless hours during the Summer writing, producing, and recording. As they prepare to release their next project, Sean and Garrett unleash, “Four”. The song is co-produced by blackbear and shows the immense all-around talent of the band.

It had been nearly a year since last putting out a song. The artistic growth is palpable, and one can only imagine what is still in the vault, awaiting the public’s ears.

If you’re a fan, check out Garrett’s solo cover of the Baby Bash smash, “Suga Suga”, here.

Albums | Help USA Soccer by “Liking” Pete on Facebook

Posted by on June 29, 2010

After our tragic World Cup loss to a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY with a population equivalent to that of TEXAS’, I’ve decided to make it my mission to somehow improve our chances of competing in the next tournament. This is a huge project for one lonely blogger, but with FNT’s help perhaps it’s doable. I mean anything is possible over the course of FOUR years, right? So my first goal is to get Pete Marlette signed to a professional team in Europe (where they can actually play footy). In order to do so, I need to make sure the number of people who “like” his soccer page on facebook skyrockets so that he can win the Nike “Chance” competition. Check out his video above (its a certified banger, no homo) and press “like” for the FB widget above NOT below (even if you’re too lazy to check his nasty skills out).