House | Funky Friday #5

Posted by on March 29, 2013

Funky Friday #5Funky Friday back again to help all of us add a little spunk to our weekends. I usually try to stay away from bootlegs, but this one caught my eye instantly. I’m sure the Disco Stars were thinking, “the Jackson 5 would be awesome to make Disco-House”. Whether they actually thought that or not, this is sweet funky tune.

I swear this guy knows I have had my eye on his music. He just hasn’t stopped releasing anything since I first posted him. i don’t know if this is the usual for him or not, but this guy has some real talent in creating some funked out originals. Below are just a few tracks that he has released in the past few days.

Last, we have a real funky soul jam. I really do not know much about any of these artists, this is completely out of my field of knowledge. However, I like this track a lot. It is what grew into the styles you hear above, it’s the real deal funkity funk.