Electro | M83 vs. Big Black Delta, Passion Pit, & Savoy | Electro

Posted by on April 12, 2011

This track has the most epic sound to it. I feel like the US team should run out into the stadium for the next Olympics to this. Good Daft Punk Tron track turned into greatness.

DOWNLOAD: Daft Punk – Fall (M83 Vs Big Black Delta Remix)

Passion Pit is just great at what they do. I was happy to see that they were the ones to make the first good remix of the new Beastie Boys track.

DOWNLOAD: Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise (Passion Pit Remix)


Darkroom is a new, fast rising sub-genre of electro, although many have never heard the name before. It is a blend of electro and dubstep but maintaining a very strong electro beat. Savoy is silently dominating this sub-genre not so quitely. His tracks are hard, heavy, and amazing. Besides those great things Savoy is bringing back laser shows, nice.

DOWNLOAD: Savoy – Get Some Action (Ft. Beastie Boys)