Bass | Willis Nillis Drops Full Length EP “Analysis Paralysis” On Label Daily Earfood

Posted by on May 23, 2018

Los Angeles has received many musical backdrops from artists shouting it’s name within their music works, but no theme is more fitting than a classic sun-kissed, 808 filled pieces that truly bond common Cali-folk together. LA-based Willis Nillis taps into this aesthetics decisively through his new Daily Earfood EP Analysis Paralysis. The 4 track EP contains mainly instrumentals paired with vocal chops, with the arrangement and writing being where the majority of the EP’s heart comes from.

Music has always been a release for Nillis, as a youngster who didn’t have the generic happy high school experience, his frustrations have turned into positives as his healthy venting has lead to a quality, prosperous musical career thus far.

Something tells me this won’t be the last time we see the soloist.

Bass | Demicat Drops Daily Earfood Original “Levitation”

Posted by on February 22, 2018

Demicat has spent alot of time in the ring. The last few years has seen a steady rise in the producers fanbase and stream count. Today, his notability between South Korea and the USA is starting to mesh into on larger global audience. Demicat has been nothing short of aware and present to this notion, putting out content and music often and of-caliber.

Demicat’s Seoul EP feature for Fox Stevenson grabbed substantial streams, while the EP as whole climbed to 100K, yet Demicat’s latest showcases his style in original form, releasing a single he worked on solo. Demicat knows where he fits within dance music and explores this realm beautifully, hear “Levitation” it in full above.


Bass | Azles Unveils Electro-Pop Single Via Daily Earfood “Ozone”

Posted by on September 2, 2017

Azles’s “Ozone” takes the listener on a poppy, bouncy dance music adventure with fast-paced catchiness around every corner, suspenseful silent moments, and more. Released on Daily Earfood, “Ozone” is a far cry from his past two releases which features minor chords, hip-hop, and a more melancholy feel. “Ozone” showcases that Azles is far more open to the multi-genre artist style than once thought. The Berlin-based artist puts no mental limits on what his next production may be like and is undoubtedly coming out with more music by end of year.


Dubstep | Chime Releases Bass-Filled Remix Of IMLAY’s Hazy Original “Empress”

Posted by on November 5, 2016

Chime does some serious impressing with this one. With his three-stripes-and-a-circle symbol flying high, Chime add’s something to IMLAY’s “Empress” release that his fans love and know all too well. Vivid, melodic bass that’s a blast to rock out to “Empress (Chime Remix) give plenty of opportunity to do just that with this one.

Chime’s resume of sounds speaks for itself at this point. NCS, Firepower, MA Music, and Daily Earfood are just a handful of the labels Chime has been above to win over. All of his releases has a common core that runs through it, video game music seeming to be where he evolved from to get to this point. Word on the street is Chime will be dropping a full EP on Firepower Records as well. The man keeps pumping out tracks, interested to see how Chime will evolve in 2017.

If you enjoy melodic bass, Chime is your man.

Future Trap | “Felicity” produced by Leat’Eq, Wanna Wake, and featuring Haley Gorman Puts The “Bass” In Future Bass

Posted by on September 21, 2016

Daily Earfood has been on role when it comes to finding small artist with big sounds, they’ve done it again with the release of “Felicity”, a song `that proves this trio can stand on their own feet – a breaking point for artists who seem somewhat new to the dance music game as a living.

I hope Leat’Eq and Wanna Wake work together again, future bass is a very saturated market/sound right now, but they’ve found a way to approach the genre freshly and deliver something that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Haley Gorman is the strings that pull the package together though – very soothing style here.