Electro | Sampology & DJ Butcher feat. Beenie Man – Dancehall Queen (Akouo Remix)

Posted by on November 11, 2013

Following the success of his previous FNT appearance, Tasmanian producer Akouo is back with another genre-defying remix. For those who haven’t heard, “Dancehall Queen” is this ridiculously turnt, Major Lazer-esque club reggae banger from Brisbane-based producers Sampology and DJ Butcher. There must be something in the water down under because I cannot keep up with all the talent Australia is turning out right now… Anyways, Akouo puts a darker, steadier, and more electro sounding spin on the original track, creating a more contrasting yet equally addicting remix. Check out the full remix EP on iTunes, featuring notable contributions from Artis and Tyler Touche, as well.


Albums, Electro, Trap | Banks – This Is What It Feels Like (Akouo Rework)

Posted by on September 18, 2013


When getting acquainted with a new artist, I like to pay extra attention to any remixes they might’ve done, especially of songs I’m familiar with. Remixes give an insight to an artist’s style, as well as their creative limits and potential. So I was very drawn in first to find that Tasmanian producer Akouo’s (pronounced “ah-koo-oh “) selection of remixes made up of many of my personal favorites and second, that they were all super badass. I’ve had this Banks track on repeat for the past 72 hours and Akouo’s remix is exactly what I needed to change it up. It draws from the subtle hints of darkness in the ridiculously sexy original track and turns it out in a trippy, trap rework. And Akouo keeps you hanging on as the song develops more and more with each minute. It’s hot, and I’m hooked.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Banks, “This Is What It Feels Like” (Akouo Rework) 

Electronic | Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

Posted by on July 10, 2013


It’s safe to say enough time has passed since the last remix of a Banks song occurred that we can pass on the torch to another. Honestly, Djemba Djemba made it virtually impossible for anyone to even try and level up in the wake of his “Fall Over” remix. But there seems the musical gods has chosen Snakehips as the fateful predecessor.

Snakehips did what needed to be done and took this remix in a completely different direction than the above. It’s also more turned down than their latest release, “Make It.” But this remix stays true to the beauty and intimacy of the original, yet sprinkles some of that vinyl scratch and groovy beats that are so quintessentially Snakehips right on top. Have I tempted you enough yet to give it a try? Don’t be shy, the water’s warm.