Bass | Michael White’s Most Addictive EP “Never Look Back” Is A Bass Lovers Dream

Posted by on November 22, 2016

The quality of bass music MA Music is dishing out is improving over time. Michael White’s new EP Never Look Back. Brings together several bass elements that aren’t the typical go around. MA Music is proving the are well aware of the trend and are seeking artists and music that fits. Never Look Back. is the well-put together blend of old and new styles, which is no wonder that MA locked him in.

Never Look Back pulls together bass house, party dubstep/trap hybrids, and an onslaught of heavy horns and grinding dubstep sounds to form the energetic experience that it is. Michael White has been picking up the pace this year; playing shows in Europe and climbing the ladder via intelligent collaborations. 2017 is looking good for this guy.

Electronic | JVLY’s debut single “Unravel” is hauntingly beautiful

Posted by on August 10, 2016

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“Unravel” is the impressive debut single from a singer, songwriter, and producer who goes by the name JVLY. Based out of Sydney, Australia, JVLY gives us an intro into his chilled, atmospheric, electronic sound. JVLY says that the track is “about a search for solace, capturing a strange state of mind that’s somewhere between curious and aware. It questions morality and what we place importance on as humans.” The track is beautiful from start to finish, and JVLY’s soothing vocals really bring out the delicate instrumental of the piece. “Unravel” is definitely worth checking out, and I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to JVLY’s future releases as much as I am!

Melodic Progressive, Progressive House | Gregory Esayan – Pilgrimage (Vintage & Morelli Remix)

Posted by on November 4, 2014

Silk Music - Pilgrimage (Vintage & Morelli Remix)Anyone in touch with the melodic/progressive trance and house scenes are fully aware of Silk Royal Records and their growing presence in the past few years. Taking a fresh single off Gregory Esayan’sImpressionism” album, Vintage & Morelli take us on a spiritual journey to worlds unknown – it’s the perfect mix of tribal vocal chops, harmonious chords, and uplifting trance that wraps itself around you, consuming you, providing you with another breath of life.



Electro, Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | YoAstrum – Alchemy In Heav3n (Mixtape)

Posted by on June 12, 2014

YoAstrum is no new-comer to Fresh New Tracks. Previous singles, “A Day’s Worth” and “Heav3n”, were a big hit with you all, making it only right to share the full length project, Alchemy In Heav3n. YoAstrum packs 13 tracks full of his signature beat selection and self-aware lyrics.

Personal favorites from the tape include the aforementioned, “Heav3n”, as well as the Lakim produced, “Jet Grind Radio”. Alchemy In Heav3n is viable and accepted across multiple genres and enumerable listeners. The forward-thinking production coupled with the melodic rap make the project a must listen.

To download the complete mixtape, head on over to Bandcamp.


Posted by on April 29, 2014

If you’re looking for something a little different to start off the week, check out this track by Krampf and Akeda, both from Paris. Although the track is in French, and I’m aware many of our readers are English speakers, the beat speaks for itself. Chill and trapped out, “Embrasse Moi (ft. Pendentif)” bounces along through a mixed series of drum variations that keep it interesting. The warped vocals give it an eerie background. If you’ve got the right speakers, this track has some deep bass all the way through. Grab it for free!

Krampf | Akeda

Free Download: Krampf & Akeda – Embrasse Moi (Ft Pendentif)

Progressive House | Syndec – Riptide

Posted by on March 25, 2014

Syndec - Riptide

I am well aware that vocals on a progressive house track are straight ballin and what most people prefer but once in a while it’s nice to hear one without. When there’s no vocals it allows you to truly listen to the music instead of being focused on the singer’s voice. Syndec is an eighteen year old Swedish producer and he managed to do with “Riptide” what most progressive house producers cannot when it comes to making a non vocal track, keep it interesting. The song is driven by an excellent light melody and is structured in a way that it does not get boring.

Free Download: Syndec – Riptide

Hip-Hop, Rap | Cooper Davis – Good Morning

Posted by on March 7, 2014

Being a writer for a music blog as well as an aspiring worker in the music industry, sometimes its hard to ever focus on your own work while still trying to immerse yourself in everybody else’s styles and projects because staying up to date with the industry is almost a necesity. So, today I thought I’d share a project of my own that’s been slowly developing over the past seven months as I lived in Milwaukee, WI. What is in Milwaukee you ask? Well, Cooper Davis. It’s still kind of hazy how Cooper and I became connected from opposite ends of the country, but somehow it happened, and I found myself traveling all the way from the sunny sides of California to snow-covered-cars-every-morning Wisconsin. The time spent there though through all the snow storms and ice-skidding stops was well worth the wait. ‘Destiny N Dynasty’s’ Cooper Davis is definitely a rapper that should be on your radar, with his charismatic smile and low-key personality, and an extreme aware of consciousness that would surprise anyone from face-value. Even though there’s more to come, Cooper Davis presents you with “Good Morning”, the first of more to come.

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