Posted by on April 20, 2011

Just another reminder, apparel is going live Saturday, 11 am PST. Yes, we have more of those neon hoodies that sold out in 5 minutes yes we printed a limited edition white with black American Apparel jacket zip up and yes we restocked those gold print tanks you guys love as much as we do…Also, shout out to Nick B. and a happy birthday, what a great day to have a birthday.


Posted by on April 15, 2011

Yes, it’s that time again. Apparel should be live by Saturday April 23rd…We’ve got some new color schemes, restocked the pink and black hats, and even restocked the neon hoodies. ALSO, apparently we have one celebrity of a model…Check out our model Chelsea on NBC’s “Minute To Win It.” If you know her, don’t tell her I put this up, she’s going to kill me.

House | Avicii – F*ck The Music | HOUSE

Posted by on March 9, 2011

First off, I don’t know how the hell Avicii got a hold of a FNT tee, I feel like I would have seen the name “Tim Berg” when shipping out the apparel…regardless, I’m into it (kidding). I’m a huge Avicii fan but didn’t find this track as appealing as the rest…it’s got a little more of a funk/disco touch to it but the buildups and drops aren’t what he usually hits us with. Thoughts?

DOWNLOAD: Avicii – F*ck The Music


Contests | FNT Apparel

Posted by on February 23, 2011

It’s official, the latest round of apparel is live. Head over to the store to grab your gear while it lasts. To get there, either click HERE or click on the apparel tab on the navigation bar.


Posted by on February 23, 2011

In about two hours all of the new apparel will be viewable on the online store and for sale tomorrow am at 11:00 Pacific Time…you can get there two ways, either click HERE or click on the apparel tab on the navigation bar. The past four times we’ve sold out either the same day or the next day of 95% of the apparel so make sure you’re set and ready tomorrow am.

Events | Morning After Tour Photoshoot

Posted by on February 22, 2011

It has been a minute since we caught everyone up with the Morning After Tour, presented by Silverlake and Soho and sponsored by yours truly. The team over at Silverlake to Soho will be joining forces with FNT to bring you a custom apparel line so that you can remember your epic experience in style. We are currently looking for a few lovely ladies to attend the March 19th photoshoot, and become the official models of this tour. If you you think you’ve got what it takes, and live in the NYC area, then send a few photos of yourself as well as your contact info (phone and email) to [email protected]

Oh and just for good measure, here’s an absolute banger that has nothing to do with this post..

DOWNLOAD: Usher Vs. Donna Summer – DJ Got Us Falling In Hot Stuff (DJ’s From Mars Bootleg Remix)