Alternative, Indie | The Ampersands Genre-bend via New Single, “The Pigeon”

Posted by on August 5, 2021

Rarely does a name as abstract as ‘The Ampersands’ so accurately describe an act but upon exposure to duo Aaron McQuade & Jim Pace’s work, it just clicks. Every revelation of the band unearths five more layers beneath – whether a track that cycles between genres like verses or the incredible stage antics of the live shows, with The Ampersands audiences are always left with niggling hook: “and one more thing…” This guiding philosophy is on full display on the single ‘The Pigeon’. In the vein of the titular animal, the song takes flight through the worlds of Indie Pop/Rock, Alt. Contemporary Disco, sections layered to the nines, and moments of reflection carried by simple piano alongside vocals duelling with a gentle bass. An erratic structure follows in the dreams of the song’s hero caught restless between a desire and inability to move on. Between the song’s introspective and melancholic lyrics, optimistic and fun melody, and ever shifting composition, The Pigeon is a song that will keep listeners coming back eager to discover that last little thing they may have missed. This is the first piece of music I’ve heard by the upcoming duo but I am thoroughly impressed and intrigued to hear more by them (hopefully) soon enough. Check their new single out above now!

Future Trap | Antics Adds New Wave/Future Bass Hyrbid “Strange Love” To Extensive Discography

Posted by on April 27, 2018

From sharing the stages with dozens of A-grade DJs to receiving support from credible outlets and artists, Antics’ music is catching the attention of many who matter. Their next single, “Strange Love,” embodies a combination of sounds displayed on past releases fused with a modern vibe, using the element of familiarity to their advantage in this case.

Tanner Dixon and Steven Pitzl have found more than one way to stand out – with nearly 100 songs to their name – it’s no wonder this experienced bunch are finally getting the recognition they deserve.