Pop | Abao And Nanquaq Drop Compilation Album N1, Showcasing Taiwan’s Brightest Indigenous Artists

Posted by on April 3, 2021

An incredibly talented and dedicated artist, Abao certainly is one of the brightest talents hailing out of Taiwan. An indigenous artist of Paiwan descent, she is pioneering her own brand of neo-soul and R&B, managing to win the Best Album and Best Song categories at the Golden Melody Awards with her 2019 album “kinakaian,” an award which marks the Chinese-Speaking world’s highest music honor. 

Now, alongside her own organization Nanquaq, she is showcasing the blossoming indigenous artists of Taiwan with N1, a diverse and exciting compilation album featuring 7 emerging talents of indigenous descent: Natsuko, Arase, Dremedreman, Stingie, Drangadrang, Makav, and Kivi. Hailing from four of Taiwan’s 16 recognized indigenous ethnic groups: Paiwan, Bunnan, Amis, and Rukai, these artists come together on N1 to pay homage to their respective indigenous heritage, yet are able to craft gems in every modern genre imaginable, from indie to hip-hop and jazz to dance music. 

N1 was created with the help of experienced indie/electronica producer Huang Shao-yong of Dark Paradise Records, who – alongside Abao – helped the young artists bring their vision to life without any creative restrictions, and guided them along the entire process of recording, arranging and finishing the album. This is a massive step forward for indigenous music in Taiwan, that we can’t wait to hear more of in the future.  

Alternative, Pop | Ena Fay Unveils the tender, Unique, love inducing ballad on “Because I Care”

Posted by on April 2, 2021

The enchanting voice of the Irish/German singer Ena Fay returns on the scene with an orchestral new single on “Because I Care”. The track is off her upomcing EP I Can Feel It, Too which is due out in the coming months. This release follows on from her previous singles ‘August’ and ‘Tie My Hands’ both revealed last year. Check out the video and song above now!

Alternative, Pop | Silvre Drops Hybrid Pop single, “Call Me What You Want”

Posted by on March 29, 2021

Following the release of her debut track “You Don’t Really Like Him”, rising UK based artist Silvre [pronounced sil·vuh] is back with her second release to date via “Call Me What You Want”. The Pop infused alternative track features an overall lush vibe with shimmering synth patterns and a steady backbeat. Check out a quote from Silvre on the single below and stream the new track above now. Keep the buzzing act on your radars!

“This track was inspired by all the lies that live on social media, which is particularly glorified by the music industry”, she explains. “So much of what we see has been staged, modified or perfected with a filter and it’s exhausting to keep up with! There seems to be a handful of public figures that monetize and encourage this behavior and they are contributing to poor mental health, without a care in the world.”


Albums, Pop, Trap | Toyko Share Exciting New Hyperpop Single “Looking For Fun”

Posted by on March 26, 2021

Following their distorted trap ballad “How Do You Sleep at Night?,” as well as their massive album Body Pillow, Vol. 2, Toyko are back with a brand new hyperpop gem, sharing exciting single “Looking For Fun.” Made up of Los Angeles-based songwriters/producers Matt Wiggers and Zac White, Toyko is a collaborative effort that has seen considerable success over the past couple of years with releases on labels such as Lowly, as well as a string of boundary-pushing singles. 

“Looking For Fun” is without a doubt one of Toyko’s most exciting tracks to date: a short yet sweet single that compiles everything we love about the duo: distorted bass, attention-grabbing lyricism and playful melodies. Starting off with an atmosphere filled with bright piano and strings, “Looking For Fun” quickly transitions into an uplifting anthem, driven by groovy drums and a creative vocal arrangement. As Toyko explain: 

“When I was writing the song lyrics I was writing them from my experience of just being kinda socially awkward. It might just be my internal monologue- but sometimes I get this impression that when I first meet new people I’m extra reserved and come off as uptight/shy. But then there’s this other side of me that once I just cross the boiling point of barely knowing someone I really put my full weird/crazy self out there and maybe go a little overboard. These sorts of behaviours I have combined with a previous history with alcohol/partying are what kind of fuelled the narrative in this song.” 

Pop, R&B | Olivia Swann returns with New Single ‘Two Faces’

Posted by on March 25, 2021

Produced by Will Paterson, ‘Two Faces’ is her sophomore release, following her rollicking debut ‘Salty’, which was championed by 1Xtra’s DJ Target, BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and Apple Music’s Rebecca Judd, as well as racking up over 55,000 views on Youtube alone. The single reached the viral TikTok shores, as social media influencer Kristen Hancher created a dance to it that was shared to her 24 million followers on the platform. The Berklee College of Music graduate has a distinct style that reflects her music, using streetwear and trainers as opposed to dresses and heels to express herself. “I am an eternal tomboy,” Olivia explains. “Handbags and heels just aren’t my thing. I would constantly get mistaken for a boy as my go to look was baggy jeans, beanies, football shirts and of course trainers at all times!”, and her defiance to adhere to the industry’s expectations is what makes her so compelling as an artist. Tune in above now!

Pop | “Vanity” by Sam Wilder is a Strong Ballad

Posted by on March 14, 2021

Atlanta-bred, Los Angeles-based up and coming artist Sam Wilder is back on the scene with another sincere contemporary pop single entitled “Vanity”. The rising singer-songwriter is influenced by artists such as Sam Smith, Tom Chaplin and Josh Groban, and you can tell in his lyrics and song writing ability. His music turns his personal experiences into relatable tracks with universal appeal for all to enjoy. If you’re in the mood for a good cry, check out “Vanity” above now and get your tissues ready.

Indie, Pop | Ci Majr is back with her latest scintillating, indie-pop anthem, “Guillotine”

Posted by on March 8, 2021

Atlanta up and comer Ci Majr returns on the scene with her unmissable new single, “Guillotine”, taken off her forthcoming EP Side Effects, set for release next month on April 16th. The indie pop jam once again highlights her songwriting abilities. Listen to the single above now and read a quote from Ci major on the new track above now!

“I actually woke up in the middle of the night one day in May 2020 with one word on my mind: “guillotine”. It’s a little dark but as soon as I woke up I was thinking how it could be such a cool concept for a song! I spent the next week or so fleshing out the lyrics and creating the demo production. The original version was actually a lot more moody and mellow than this really bright and more upbeat version that was created with my friend, Féz, over in the UK. He absolutely crushed the production and honestly transformed it into a hit!” – Ci Majr