Pop | Joey Myron Releases Hybrid Single “Colorado”

Posted by on December 9, 2021

With an Instagram bio that simply reads Russian Cowboy in Nashville/LA, I was intrigued to check this one without hesitation. Joey Myron is a first generation Russian immigrant who grew up in Massachusetts learning classical piano at a young age. He perfected his craft over the course of his childhood and teenager years and eventually ended up in LA shortly after attending Berklee College of Music. Now residing in Music City, Nashville, TN he is releasing a hybrid style of music that blends all types of musical styles. Check out a quote on the song below and stream “Colorado” by Joey Myron above now!

“Colorado” relays the bitter-sweet feeling of leaving everything behind and going back “homeward” to the roots of being human; surrounded by family and amidst the natural world. The nature of Colorado is a major inspiration for the song. On one hand, the beauty of the mountains is an attractive setting for a reclusive lifestyle that taps into the essence of being human. On the other hand, the bitter cold offers a harsh reality of survival and represents the departure from comfort found in more urbanized environments. There is also a Bonnie and Clyde runaway element to the song.”

Alternative, Pop | Kevin Whitaker Releases infectious “Part of Me”

Posted by on December 8, 2021

Kevin Whitaker is an upcoming Pennsylvania-based singer/songwriter who creates a unique style of 80’s influenced pop meets rock. Creating energetic music with ounces of star-quality throughout its arrangements, he has had a great interest and enthusiasm for music from a young age. Strongly influenced by the euro-pop movement, Kevin’s vocals are mysterious, raspy and full of emotion. His new track “Part of Me” is a great introduction to his vibe, so check it out above now and read a quote from him on the release below.

After winning an internal battle with myself, ‘Part of Me’ was winning the battle of negative thoughts. It’s also about cutting out the toxic relationships and finding me – a part of me that I love.” – Kevin Whitaker

Standing for compassion and always dreaming, Kevin Whitaker is a relatable songwriter that creates music best described as infectiously effortless. Armed with a broad range of inspirations, Kevin gains influence from everywhere including the hard metal scene to the 80s pop era. Adding to this statement, the songwriter shares, “I wanted to bring a sound that the 80s had, but with large powerful writing that hits.”
Musically endearing and captivating, ‘Part of Me’ will instantly become a part of your daily routine and become your daily drug. Bathed in bewitching vocals and one hell of a production, Kevin wrote, recorded and produced everything on the track.

Alternative, Pop | Erik Odsell has recently unveiled a brand new studio album: Human

Posted by on December 2, 2021


November 2021 – Erik Odsell is a songwriter and a storyteller,with a passion for sharing unique melodies and spontaneous vibes with his wonderful music. This talented artist has recently created an album titled Human. The name of this record is a great indication of the broad range of emotion that you can expect from this particular release. Humans are complex, filled with contrasting emotion and most people are definitely not black or white, but have so many shades in between, describing who they are. One of the most exciting things about this album is that each song feels like a powerful journey, allowing the audience to get to know more about Erik’s creative outlook and its incredibly dynamic sensibilities. Revealing its beauty over the span of eight wonderful songs, this album is a true gem to discover, from start to finish. You will undoubtedly appreciate the fantastic soundscapes that make this release special, and there is quite nothing like the sum of the parts coming together! Find out more about Erik Odsell, and do listen to Human, which is currently available on the web’s best digital music streaming services.


Future Trap, Pop | UNIKID Shares Playful Debut EP “In Times Past” Via Frequency Music

Posted by on November 5, 2021

Based in Amsterdam, UNIKID has taken the world by storm over the past couple of years with his vibrant productions and unique sonic aesthetic. Trying to convey his energetic and happy charisma through his music, UNIKID landed a massive streaming hit with his 2020 single “Choose Me“ via Frequency Music, and has now returned to the Dutch label to share his debut EP ‘In Times Past.’ 

Spanning over 7 tracks, ‘In Times Past’ includes some of UNIKID’s most recently-released singles, such as the radio-ready “Out of Love” and the uplifting “Kids for Life,” as well as a handful of soothing instrumental pieces that perfectly accompany its focus tracks. 

“The EP is intended as a kind of digital diary for myself, to close an important period for myself,” explained UNIKID in a press statement. “All the songs of the EP contain stories from the past period and that way I was able to close those stories and save them to maybe look back on later. It is also not only a digital diary for myself, but also for others. In this way I want to close this period, to make room for a new period. The EP is a way for me to process my memories and events.”

Indie, Pop | COTTA Returns With Stunning Alt-Pop Anthem “Ghostin’”

Posted by on October 27, 2021

Three impactful singles deep into her music career, Cassidy Mackie aka COTTA is already showing signs of a mature artist who is preparing herself for a lengthy career within the industry. Based in Australia, the talented singer and songwriter has been described as “the lovechild of the late 1980s and Maggie Rogers,” having developed a tender sound that is as intricate as it is radio-ready. Detailing love, loss and the up and downs of life as she experiences it, COTTA is set to move lots of people with her personal and vulnerable lyricism, and her very first releases make up for great examples of her talent. 

Her uplifting debut single “Better” was released back in February of this year and was swiftly added to Triple J Unearthed’s radio rotation. Then came “Didn’t Call,” which was born from the trials of a long-distance relationship and produced by Oldland in Melbourne. It’s a nostalgic yet infectious cut filled with subtle percussion, smooth electric piano chords and light synth lines. Upon release it was debuted on Triple J’s show Home and Hosed, receiving great acclaim from host Declan Byrne, who commended COTTA’s ‘soulful and smart’ effort on the song.

Now, COTTA has just shared her third release, taking a jab at an ex-lover who deliberately led her on before she finally found out about their true feelings and decided to move on. It is a truly impactful story from the perspective of someone who is one the receiving end of being ghosted, driven by vocal lines that are perfectly complimented by the grandiose instrumental. Strong piano chords and hard-hitting drum work juxtapose subtle synths and effects, while COTTA’s passionate singing helps transcend the story and make it come to life. 

“The idea of ‘ghosting’ someone is ‘the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication,” explains COTTA. “’Ghostin’’ pays tribute to a particular time in my life, where I was strung along by someone with no intention of a follow-through, but who knew exactly what they were doing at the time, before they bailed. This song taps into the gut-wrenching, unexplainable frustration when you’re on the receiving end of being ghosted – even if it’s drawn out and maybe not immediate – and serves as an f-you anthem to the ones that never deserved your time anyway.”

Alternative, Pop | LaVo Molds a unique blend of alternative pop for “Enemy”

Posted by on October 26, 2021

LA based singer-songwriter and producer LaVo crafts a unique blend of alternative pop, incorporating various dance elements in stylish and suave production, especially on his latest offering “Enemy.” The upbeat vibe of this one has hints of Tame Impala influencec whille still staying on its own lane, and it’s a beautiful thing. The up-and-coming act is someone to keep an eye on without a doubt. Check out a quote from LaVo below and stream “Enemy” above now!

“At first I felt like I was writing this song from a point of attack. Through the process of finishing it, it became more about the duality we feel within ourselves and our relationship with others we hold close. I think it’s always easy to pick an “enemy” these days, But it’s never easy to see yourself as one. I think we have all wondered if that person you’re thinking about is simultaneously thinking about you. It’s always been one of those things I’ve wondered, maybe laughed at the possibility even but I do think there’s something beautiful about it.”

Alternative, Pop | JY MNTL, Nadia Rose and La Swave Team up for “LIGHT”

Posted by on October 20, 2021

JY MNTL team up with Mobo Award Winner Nadia Rose & King of essex La Swave for their second single of 2021. After gaining over 1Million streams on their debut project last year the boys took some time to get back in the lab and come back even harder. Directed by Rebbeka B Creative, Light is the second of 2 singles on JY MNTL’s sophomore project titled No Borders. With Lidl (single 1) being played on Capital Xtra and achieving radio b lists, Light is a perfect follow up with its current drill inspired sound. Check it out above now.