Ilyana Drops Touching Piano House Release In ‘Love Me Right’

Posted by on August 12, 2022

Ilyana lets it all out with “Love Me Right,” a true-to-life concept put into an electronic structure that’s catchy and timeless. Romance is not always what it seems, but we all deserve to find the person who will “Love Me Right.” That is one interpretation that can be pulled from this well-crafted production. All the elements fall together harmoniously here, top to bottom. The vocals act as one of the most attention grabbing factors going on. Colorful and melodic basslines plus piano chords flow neatly in the mix as Ilyana shares her perspective on an easy-to-connect with subject. It’s almost involuntary for one’s emotions to get swept up in the moment. As soon as “Love Me Right,” began, things fade to a close and you are left wanting more of what was had.

Ilyana has virtually had a life long entanglement with music, it eventually taking more and more of her time until it’s now become her priority passion and focus in life. Ilyana comes off as the type that leaves no stone unturned. From the branding to sound, message, and more, there is a sense of cohesiveness that inescapable with what she has put out here.

She’s worked with great artists over the years and clearly uses what’s she’s learned to grab more attention around her story and vision for this project. Ilyana shows all the hallmarks of being one to watch – and for all the right reasons too.

“I’ve fallen in love so many times, and yet the feeling of being in love always inspires me to write, and with “Love Me Right” it wasn’t any different. I wanted to create a song that  recreates that moment of falling for someone, that makes you feel good, makes you want to dance and feel yourself!”

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