Phantum & Rwrxero’s “With Me Now” Continues Strong Growth Track For Rising Talents

Posted by on October 21, 2020

“With Me Know,” a fresh single design and rendered in-studio by Phantum & Rwrxero, is musically relevant to the genres it embraces, but distinctively pleasing and disarming to what we have been conditioned to through Phantums in particular, thus far.

On Phantum’s side, influences to his music/production background include such names as Metro Boomin, Southside, and others, while working with artists closely he saw potential with too (Ali Gatie, Jordan Solomon, ect.) came natural to him. Phantum is a striking figure in more ways than one, bringing a collective of actions together that comes into play with production as well.

For Phantum & Rwrxero, a collective garnering of millions of streams gathered through artists projects of his own and support from hype names including Jordan Solomon, AR Paisley, and many others, makes these two on a flow worth recognizing.

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