RIELL Teams Up With Conch For Dreamy Pop Single “Over The Edge”

Posted by on July 23, 2020

Fresh off the release of her explosive NCS song “Daylight” with rising producers Heuse and WOLFHOWL, RIELL is back with yet another original gem. Taken off her debut album PARADISE, set to come out this autumn, the talented singer’s latest single is titled “Over The Edge” and features an infectious verse by rapper Conch.

Throughout the 4 minutes of “Over The Edge”, RIELL displays just how capable she is of breathing life into all kinds of instrumentals, creating a heavenly dream-pop anthem. The catchy song is filled with bright synths and a dreamy atmosphere; all tasteful sonics that perfectly compliment RIELL’s vibrant singing. Conch’s flows and bars offer a satisfying break from the energy of the tune, while RIELL returns for one last hook, offering an absolutely stunning vocal performance towards the song’s final climax. 

“‘Over the Edge’ is about the moment when time seems to slow down right before everything explodes. It’s that feeling of being under water where everything is muffled right before you get hit again with reality. The music video was created to show this fluidity and suspension as if you’re floating,” explained RIELL.