Sober Safe Space Organization S.A.F.E. Announces Online Festival “SAFE Virtual Music Festival”

Posted by on May 4, 2020

It’s not often you see names like Prismo, CADE, Prince Fox, Young Bombs and Codeko all on the same lineup, but that’s exactly what has happened thanks to sober safe space non-profit S.A.F.E, who has put together a lineup that not only curates a lane of EDM well, but brings together multiple genres for a unique and exciting experience to come.

For four days, May 6th-May 10th, the all-online, live streaming festival is a perfect, quality experience during our pandemic pause. Filling the gap between fans who want to see the artists they love and act with creativity to share, given festivals have been put on hiatus.

S.A.F.E has worked with many event organizer and created sober event spaces for event-goers to enjoy themselves for over 4000 people.

For more information about updates, lineups, and ways to watch, check the link below.

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