MIG50 & Frank E. Maddox Connect on “Fearless (Gimme the Light)”

Posted by on April 4, 2019

Chicago is a legendary music city with tons of history. From the current modern hip-hop and trap scene to the innovative 1980’s house sound, they’ve paved the way for a ton of different styles of music and likely will not stop anytime soon. Two of the latest artists to come out of The Windy City (or at least were raised there and proudly represent it) are MIG50 and Frank E. Maddox, two wildly talented and multi-faceted solo projects by two guys who have an extensive career in the industry producing, writing and engineering all styles of music. Their single “Fearless (Gimme the Light)” is a total banger that is high energy and bound to help turn a party up a notch! Listen now above and keep these two on your maps, I forsee big things ahead for them both in 2019.

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