Focus Fire Creates Bass-Oriented Original “Everybody Wants” Alongside David Shane and Exclusion

Posted by on March 7, 2019

Focus Fire and Exclusion have made an emotionally charged original that hits you in the feels fast, “Everybody Wants (feat. David Shane).” The highly melodic and enchanting vocals soften the listener while the drop soon follows after. The single gets quite technical with the first and second half’s of the tune almost playing out like 2 different songs. The build up and drops are bass-oriented at the core, yet are built on a cloudy soundscape that are all it’s own – the totality of the tune being professional and quality.

Focus Fire have been busy late 2018, early 2019, with several singles already behind them this year. Collaborations with Similar Outskirts, Nanoo, Exclusion, and David Shane showcases Focus Fire’s ability to fan the creative flames to full ignition with all the creators they work with. Given Focus Fire’s ease of finishing productions, their 5th single of 2019 most likely isn’t far away.

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