FNT Premiere: AAMAR Drops Experimental Full Length Album “Drips”

Posted by on February 14, 2019

Veteran DJ/producer AAMAR keeps it clever when he gets behind the decks and in the studio. The Cape Verde based artist has released a full-length album with a multi-faceted twist, Drips. The many moods in the LP often include a spiritually tinged influence, yet simultaneously share musical surprises within – “Venus” and “Seeds” being two favorites that stand out across the album. Drips pushes the envelope and allows AAMAR to spread his wings production-wise.

AAMAR’s life includes electronic and DJ influence since almost the very beginning. From sneaking into clubs as a kid to pursuing a career in music in 2011, his commitment to the craft has been long term and consistent. He’s played dozens of events globally including Shibuya Showcase Festival in Japan and Morning House Festival in China, Drips being a reflection of the hustle.

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