Pineo & Loeb Lay Down 12-Track Cover Album Titled “Elevation”

Posted by on February 11, 2019

Duo Pineo & Loeb are moving fast in 2019, the group kicking off with a bang via a 12+ stop tour around Canada. To top this, Elevation was announced and subsequently released, showing a continuation of their EDM-cover tinged sound. Elevation features 12 twists on a variety of culturally popular classics, including songs originally done by The Killers and Daft Punk.

Covers are solid strategies in the streaming age, all-the-while P&L’s chill and house take takes it to another level. Pineo & Loeb’s previous cover of “Ghosts N Stuff” received praise across media outlets and love on YouTube Music promotional channels. There consistency runs deep and music stands on it’s own, Pineo & Loeb are ones to keep an eye on.

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