Henry Land Hits Us With ‘I Don’t Care’ & An Exclusive Interview

Posted by on June 11, 2018

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Meet up and coming DJ/producer Henry Land from Norway, hot off the release of ‘I Don’t Care,’ who’s been accumulating the streams with his melodic dance pop ditties. You may remember his track ‘Tainted’ which we covered, a personal favorite of mine. We had a chance to speak with Henry on what he has going on, to give you all inside look in the the Nordic producers’ life, and how he’s come to live out his passion for production and music. Give him a follow on Spotify , and click on the jump for more!

How did you get into music and when did you know this is what you wanted to do?

I got into music when I was between 8  years old, joining the marching band playing the trumpet. I had a really good teacher, Ulrik who inspired me to practice a lot. When I was sixteen I would listen to a lot of electronic music and would watch all of DJ Ravine’s virtual DJ videos on Youtube. I didn’t have any equipment at the time, but it was fun playing around with the program on my computer. I then got into producing, when I downloaded FL studio.

Who was your favorite artists growing up, and who influenced your production style?

When I grew up I would listen to a lot to Metallica and Iron Maiden, before I got into electronic music. I was really like Axwell, and Avicii, when he was just about breaking in Scandinavia with Bromance. Deadmau5 and ‘Strobe’ was also a huge influence.

If you could work with anyone, who and why?

I would love to work with Sam Smith. He’s a great singer; His range is huge and he has so much control over his voice.

Who or what’s your guilty pleasure musically, that the people wouldn’t expect?

Children of Bodom. I really can’t stand the singing, but the rest is pure gold. The guitar solos are too good .

What can we expect from you next?

I’ve been working on a few tracks for a while now. Can’t wait to finish  them after my exams. One of them is based on the instrumental in one of my latest Instagram videos.

Finally, when you’re not making music or DJing, what can we catch you doing?

I’m usually at school so I get some balance in my life. Sounds kind of boring right? But I really enjoy the combination of studying and music.