Jay Warren Drops Multi-Genre Dance Single “Amaze Me (feat. JTM)”

Posted by on April 9, 2018

“Amaze Me’s” mixture of multiple easy-listening elements may be what is pushing Jay Warrens follower count up. The single features a blend of soulful vocals, pleasing hip-hop verses, and both house and trap-like percussion – depending on what part of the song you have fallen on.

The multi-personality angle built into the single track is what makes this one a keeper, various shades of emotion coming toward the ears, measure after measure, but not without strong arrangement present, an element that keeps the progression of the song natural feeling.

“Amaze Me” isn’t the first of Warren’s recognized work, him and Restless Modern previously teamed up on a 400K garnering remix while, on another release, Spotify official playlisting curators included his work in New Music Friday Deutschland, Switzerland, Italy, as well as Soul n the City and Sanfter Pop.

With a sound that sticks out and a track-record quickly building, it should be interesting to see how Warren leverages this new-found groundwork in 2018.

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