Nurko Kicks Off His 2018 Roster With “Million Birds”

Posted by on February 23, 2018

“Million Birds” is the title of electronic artist Nurko’s first track of 2018, and it is quite a way to bring in the new year. The song begins with humble piano chords, and the sounds of birds chirping and flying. The gentle plucking of the strings carries the whole song delicately. Then, that delicacy is balanced with victorious and sturdy synthesizers. Elle Vee breathes even more life into this song with her dreamy vocals. I think she helps the song naturally ascend into a complete rhythmic gesture of remembrance. What is it the song want us to remember? Well, I suppose that is up to the listener. However, for me, the theme of flight and defying gravity itself foresees a future of freedom, since, to remember who we are, we must indeed become who we are meant to be. ‘Million Birds’ is a melodic reminder to the listener of that sacred duty to oneself, and indeed to the universe.

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