Kav Verhouzer & Lawrie Martin Pair Up On Cloudy “Love Into Gold”

Posted by on February 23, 2018

Kav Verhouzer, an artist having partially got his start on Spotify, has dropped “Love into Gold” featuring Lawrie Martin. The track is smooth and mesmerizing as it follows a natural stream of relaxed conscienceness. The vocals by Lawrie Martin, enthralls the listener with a silky and subtle feel. The song reflects a solemn positivity that elevates the entire listening experience.

Kav Verhouzer has made a name for himself by creating some amazing tracks with inspirations from jazz, deep house and tech-house. The use of acoustics in his tracks combined with the melodic breaks create a very warming effect. On the other hand, Lawrie Martin is an established vocalist, hailing from Glasgow. His penchant for showcasing his versatility through melodies have become a trademark.

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