Faethoms Release Original “Hypernautics” On Dance Label AIA

Posted by on April 3, 2017

Everyone has to climb the ranks of a certain stature at some point. All producers do it as they climb, or sometimes sprint, to super stardom. Orlando-based group Faethoms have released their latest bass fueled original “Hypernautics” on the label AIA, a household name for dance music fans.

“Hypernautics” does not just have strong arrangement, but ear-catching mixing/mastering, a balance of melody and bass, and an overall good production. Doesn’t matter who you are, that drop is surprising and fitting. Some artist try to go minimal in the drop and it flat-out does not work, this is the opposite of the case with “Hypernautics”. The group have released a Circus Records official remix and now an AIA original, they are on the right path to say the least.

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