Jack Squire Drops “Creatures,” Shares 5 Tips To Help Other Producers With Their Craft

Posted by on March 30, 2017

In light of Jack Squire’s new single release “Creatures” and new remix of “In My Head” by Virtual Riot – two bass songs that are mind blowing, not just from sound alone, but for noticeably strong arrangement, catchiness, and creativity found within – Jack has introduced a small chronical to help other producers consistently put out music and the social media content that comes with it.

Jack Squire has been around the block for a bit, so these tips should be embraced and internalized wherever possible to help the soon-to-be-star producer be that much closer to their goals.

Shout to Point Blank for helping this happen.


There’s no faster way to hone your skills than referencing tracks. Even if you’re fairly advanced, referencing a song can teach you some new stuff. There’s all different kinds of ways to reference. You can reference the song structure, the melody, the mixdown, really whatever you want. You can even try to recreate the song as much as possible if you want. It’s honestly the most valuable learning tool there is. Pick some of your favorite songs and reference them.


MIDI Files, loops, presets, samples—they’re all made to be used, so use them! I don't know why so many new producers are judgmental of this stuff when they start off. I was definitely guilty of it too. But at the end of the day, music is like a sausage. It doesn’t matter if the some people might consider some parts of it gross as long as it tastes delicious. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you used a preset or a loop as long as you use it well and the end product sounds great.


If you don’t take yourself seriously, why should anyone else? If you treat music like a hobby, that’s probably all it’ll ever be for you. Stay humble, but be confident in your work.


These days the music scene is extremely saturated. It’s easier than ever for people to make their own music and share it with the world, and that’s a great thing! However, it makes it more difficult to stand out with music alone. Branding is a great way to do that. Strong branding makes you look like someone who is a professional and takes music seriously. It gives your fans something to identify and connect with. Marshmello is a great example of good music combined with great branding. His characteristic all white outfit and helmet are often recreated and worn by fans. It sets him apart from other artists and makes him extremely marketable. A more up and coming example of great branding are my friends Pixel Terror, with their illustrated characters and 8 bit video game inspired artwork. I’m actually in the process of updating the Jack Squire logo and brand myself right now, so stay tuned for that in the near future!


Have you ever noticed that often times the people with the most negative things to say about other people’s music are the ones without much to show themselves? (The notable exception being deadmau5 of course). The music industry is very close knit. Spend your time supporting artists you like instead of saying negative things about those you don’t. Be positive and supportive of others and you’ll probably soon find friends who will happily support you back! Also, if you have time to publicly hate on other artists online, chances are you're not working hard enough!

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