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Swedish powerhouse producer and DJ, John Dahlbäck, is a name that hasn’t skipped a beat from the spotlight and is back to bless the Armada Music catalogue with his latest single, “Count To Ten,” a stylish blend of disco pop and Melbourne bounce with heart-grabbing vocals. I sat down with Mr. Dahlbäck to talk music, shows, and weird rituals.

First ‘Raven’, and then ‘Count To Ten’ – you’re heading back to the clubs with your music and we love it. What’s inspiring this fresh look? Is this a good taste of what to expect on Saga, your new album? 

John Dahlback: It is! The whole album is very fresh! It was important to me that nothing felt “done.”

All three singles feels new to me, especially “Count To Ten,” which I love! 

Ok, you’re trapped on island and you’ve got a music player with unlimited battery life – 3 songs and/or albums that would make the cut and why?

John Dahlback:
Joni Mitchell – “Both Sides Now” (in case I feel like crying)
John Dahlback – “Count To Ten” (in case I feel like dancing)
Dk8 – “Murder Was The Bass” (in case I want to get angry)

How did you come about selecting Alexx Mack for your latest single? What was it about her voice that made you want to feature her?

John Dahlback: I got the vocal sent to me and fell in love with it straight away! I’ve never met her but talked a bit online. She seems super cool! 

Let’s talk shows: any pre-show rituals you could share with us?

John Dahlback: A bit of last minute edits, push-ups and sit ups. Also, two of those are lies. 

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in the crowd while performing live?

John Dahlback: Girls getting nude is always weird and funny!

Favorite Venues/ Cities?

John Dahlback: New York, L.A. Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo, Ibiza….the list is pretty long.

Finally, when will we ever get the release of “Song Saved My Life” mashed up with “Walking On The Moon”? (I still casually Google search for a download link here and there… I won’t lie.)

John Dahlback: Wow, yes! After the album I will share it for free! 

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