ØRKA Releases “Phantom”

Posted by on May 28, 2015

New artists and producers cycle in and out of SoundCloud just about as often as the tides change. For anything to stick it has to be better than “good,” it has to be better than “great.” There must be a trait of the artistry, or image that hook people because of it’s originality.

Since ØRKA is still simply a name with no face, it is his enchanting voice and mesmerizing production that have captured us thus far.

As the Weeknd moves further and further in to Max Martin’s pop world, perhaps it is time for a new powerful artist to fill the void of emotional warbling. The distorted vocals paired with soft guitar loops and crashing drums make an exciting listen all the way through.

Only two songs grace his SoundCloud right now, but ORKA is sure to be back soon with a follow-up, hopefully, as moving as “Phantom.”