Tove Styrke translates the success of “Borderline” and “Ego” to her live show

Posted by on May 7, 2015

This past Monday in Washington D.C., the rising Swedish pop star known as Tove Styrke took the stage in front of about 100 people and performed as if it were her last show on earth. However, this is just the first stop of her first ever North American headlining tour.

Tove (pronounced too-vay) has been in and around music for the better part of her life, and it’s evident in her live show. The intimate crowd is beckoned in closer to the stage as she starts her second song and standout hit, “Borderline”.

Despite playing her, arguably, most popular song right off the bat, Styrke keeps the fans engaged throughout the rest of the night. She dances around the stage playfully donning an all-red Adidas track suit that makes you feel like you’re back in a 90’s hip-hop music video.

While clearly soft-spoken and mild-mannered Styrke remarks to fans about how she is so excited to be in the US and playing for us. It’s impossible to believe that she is being anything but authentic. Especially since after closing out the night on her grungy, high-energy “Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking to You”, she hung out after the set taking pictures and talking to fans.

Tove Styrke has just begun her journey to pop-stardom, but is clearly on the right path. Be sure to catch her on tour.

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