J-1 feat. Veela – Sea Chords (Karboncopy Remix)

Posted by on August 20, 2014

J-1 feat. Veela - Sea Chords (Karboncopy Remix)

Karboncopy is back at it, this time in the form of a free remix. This remix was originally in the remix competition for J-1’s “Sea Chords” but for some reason didn’t win. Seeds are planted then they grow into flowers and then are given to women so really it’s just a stepping stone for the guys. If you think about that long enough, I’m sure it’ll make sense. They say this is one of their favorites and that’s believable because it’s one of their best. The quality of their productions is always getting better and they are now consistently putting out great tracks.

Free Download: J-1 feat. Veela – Sea Chords (Karboncopy Remix)