Matt Fax Talks Future Plans, Labels and more in Exclusive Interview

Posted by on February 20, 2014

matt fax17 year old French progressive / trance producer Matt Fax has been making a name for himself with his soothing, progressive trance sound that has labels and artists clamoring for him to remix their tunes. At the tender age of 16 he was the youngest ever guest mixer on Above & Beyond’s syndicated radio show “Group Therapy” that reaches 20 million people a week worldwide.

I think age is too often used as a marketing strategy for DJs and artists when they are young, but in the case of Matt Fax it is relevant to dwell on for a moment because he has already accomplished so much for his age, having started his career at 13. His tunes have been supported by the likes of Armin, Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and many others. His tracks have been released by all of the labels he could ask for like Anjunabeats, Armada, Black Hole and more. His career is only going to get bigger and better as time goes on and we got to chat with the Frenchman about his time as a label head, future plans and much more. Read on for the interview.

FNT: You started releasing music on labels at 13, what is the biggest thing that has changed for you since then?

Matt Fax: I have changed my alias many times since the beginning. I have also come across a lot of labels, from Deep House to Progressive House. Saying that, everyone that I have met changed my style and influenced the sound I make today. The few things that changed is that I released on labels like Anjunabeats, Armada, Black Hole, and even Mau5trap for a free download remix on their SoundCloud back when I was just 14. Every year I have been given new opportunities, it’s great.

FNT: At 15, you were probably the youngest label manager ever at Outwork Music. How was that, and what did you learn from it not working out?

Matt Fax: It was amazing, I wanted to have my input and sign the artists I liked. Gearing a record label is hard but I was able to learn a lot and find out what works and what does not. I had to stop for a copyright story with a producer called “Outwork”, but I loved the experience.

FNT: Do you plan on starting your own label again at another point in time?

Matt Fax: I don’t think so, at least it’s not something I have in mind right now. I am enjoying the producing side of things.

FNT: How influential has Jaytech been to your career?

Matt Fax: He changed my career. When I knew he started to support my tracks, I was just blown away. I was a fan of him since his “Milano” track with Boom Jinx, which is one of the first tracks I bought on Beatport. He introduced me to Anjunabeats, and then a partnership between Jaytech and I began. We talk a lot and are scheduling some things together. I can say he’s one of my favorite close friends, as well as one of my favorite artists.

FNT: What are you going to do once you finish lycée?

Matt Fax: I finished Lycée (school), and had stopped for personal reasons. That way, I can make more music and don’t have to stress about homework and the “normal” teen life. I don’t feel like I’m a normal teen, I feel like being different, and I enjoy it.

FNT: How supportive have your parent been of your career? Is it school first through university or do they want you to do music?

Matt Fax: They encourage me to make music, earn money and be the next David Guetta or Martin Garrix. I can say it really annoys me that they think, even though I am signed to Anjunabeats and Armada, if I don’t appear on radio or TV, I am useless. I’m not afraid of saying that because I am just tired of hearing “music will bring you nothing”, when it’s the only thing I have.

FNT: What is one thing people would not expect about you?

Matt Fax: I think the most unexpected thing is that I am signed to labels like Anjunabeats or Armada. At first everybody told me that I would stick to crap labels and never get a bit of recognition.

What do you have coming up?

Matt Fax: I have a lot of projects coming up, I’m talking with some important people for making some change. Hopefully 2014 will mark a new page in my career, as everything is just in talk now. Maybe less release but more quality, excited to show you the upcoming things.

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