W8’s Top 10 Tracks of 2013

Posted by on December 23, 2013

We’re almost there. A few more days and 2013 will be another one for the books. ‘Tis the time to summarize a score of minty fresh jams that didn’t fade away too quickly this year, which is saying a hell of a lot these days. This compilation could have easily had tracks replaced with others, and all would be the same to me. There is just too many to name that are equally as good but I guess narrowing it down to 10 appeals to us all. Note that this vaporwave clip Feeel by Torus above is my favorite video of the year and is why it’s there. All this said I’ll let you get on with it. Have a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.

We should be together. Catchy grooves by Tourist.

10) Tourist – Together

A strong feeling of summer, perhaps lounging out by the pool is in order to describe this track by Tantsui.

9) Tantsui – Beautiful Day (Dub Mix)

To be cruising down a moderately empty highway with friends, and music… I cannot think of a better track than this. Tycho never disappoints.

8) Tycho – Awake

As you will sonically notice from here onwards is like going from day to night. The list practically splits in half as we now get cold and ethereal until the end, mostly in part to the winter weather affecting my choices. Ironically first with Winter Train by Stèv. A powerful tune that does wonders with a good pair of headphones.

7) Stèv – Winter Train

A household name by now, ENiGMA Dubz continues churning out gems on the regular. Out of his many releases this year At Home appealed to me with its sickly clean, emptied out melody that happens to sound extremely familiar for some reason. Needless to say it’s solid.

6) ENiGMA Dubz – At Home

Ishome, a producer out of Russia with a gorgeous track. I knew way earlier in the year that Adam would eventually make it on here. Fascinating how a subtly unemotional place like Russia can express just that so purely, much less produced by a young girl! I don’t know why but that makes it 5x better.

5) Ishome – Adam

Volor Flex accompanied by fellow Russian producer Encode blend their sounds together for a daunting piece that sounds like a power outage. Equipped with a slashing melodic loop, and a nice vocal sample that drowns beneath the drop. Volor Flex portrays a notable strain of ethereal mixtures in his tracks that are deeply rooted in the sounds of Burial, and that’s got me tuned in to everything Volor Flex.

4) Encode & Volor Flex – Altiplano

This one stands here off of replay value alone, I just never get sick of this one. Tropical overtones, quirky sounds, breezy horns. Cool things.

3) Actress – Caves Of Paradise (Morning High Remix)

I am in love with this track, such an imponderable melancholy. It’s all about frequency, and vibration like radio waves. They are out there but you can’t see them… you just have to tune into them.

2) Sable – Haku

For a first pick I always ask myself what is going to last. What years from now will remain memorable? I guess that question can forever be answered later. With regards to Koreless you can count his records with two hands, they are rare, and that insures something special with everything he releases. Oddly enough I wouldn’t consider this my favorite track in terms of replay value. I didn’t play it as much as the others but I believe in the long run it may surpass them in time, and so that is why it’s #1. Can’t get any more epic than this.

1) Koreless – Sun

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