Brillz – Retwonked

Posted by on December 17, 2013


Just a week ago, Brillz dropped a remix rendition of his Twonk LP. This release is suitably named Retwonked and is a song for song remix package (granted, there are two remixes of WTF on here), and it again takes trap style music and gives if a jet engine face wash.

Brillz is among the clan of artists that are responsible for keeping trap music – and other genres, in a less significant manner – interesting and moving forward. Mundane isn’t in this dude’s vocabulary. I love listening to Brillz mixes, and seeing him live because his music is a blast to party to. It’s trap music that’s hyped way up, and includes so many elements of different genres, that he can toss in just about anything that is high energy and it feels right at home. He brought on a bunch of remixes by his other fellow innovators for this package. The result that is unprecedented, and packed with upside-down A’s. I gave a few words about each track, as well as an EP teaser mix and a full length Brillz mix after the jump.

The first track is a wild remix of Rvchet Bitch, at the hands of Milo & Otis. It’s super unique and i doubt that everyone will like it, but you can’t deny the creativity. I think it’s great, and I probably will for another solid two weeks.

Cory Enemy takes Smashi Tup and turns it into a happy-go-lucky electro-house banger.

Loudpvck speeds up and stutters the track Fuzzy Peach, amplifying the original in all the right ways. It feels almost like a VIP remix.

Bro Safari and UFO! make a crazy team. I loved the Animal EP that they put out together. Their remix for this package is a crazy drum & bass / neuro-hop concoction that brings the power. I feel like it fits the title of the track better than the original.

The track WTF has one of my favourite vocal samples. I’ve seen Brillz a few times and I can’t help but go crazy at the drop when I hear that sample. The Hunter Siegel remix is solid, no doubt. It’s a grinding chainsaw banging out an electro-house tune. The energy is undeniable, even if it isn’t exactly revolutionary. I like the Luminox remix a bit better. I love the extra space and metallic sound added to the vocal sample at the drop, and the track fits the definition of a festival trap song to a tee; huge, roomy, reverb-y and trap-y.

Come Down gets an almost East Indian vibe tossed into it from Buku. The original is wicked and this remix makes it feel fresh and interesting. All of the remixes in this collection are great but this one is especially well done in my opinion.

The Callisto remix carries over a lot of the same vibes from Come Down. The second half gets a different beat treatment and keeps it interesting.

Pump The Beat changes from a Moombah-ish jam into house banger once Jack Beats gets a hold of it. Lots of horns, lots of fun.

Déjà Vu was probably the least alike tune of the original LP. It is slowed, easy, gentle – it’s chill trap for sure whereas the rest of the tracks are all like “party party, let’s get crazy”. Nico Stadi takes advantage of this softer, more grounded vibe, and gives us a beauty of a house jam. It’s got UK garage goodness going on, it’s got deep house-ness, it’s ready to be an after-hours hit.

Well, there it is. If you haven’t heard these remixes yet, and you like high energy trap music, than you absolutely have to sink your teeth into this. If you haven’t heard the original LP, than go get on that as well, it’s honestly wicked. These guys are making some head-turning stuff. I’ve included a teaser mix by Craze that you can toss on if you’re not sure that this music is your jam. Under that is the most recent mix that Brillz has released. It has a bunch of tracks from this remix EP and it’s an intensely fun 45 minutes.


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