Paramore – Still Into You (Topher Jones fREeMIX)

Posted by on October 3, 2013


Guys, you know how sometimes things go terribly wrong and you end up having to wipe the back of the toilet and/or think about changing your pants but it was clear af like it always is cause you mostly drink water so you don’t have to? Well guess what happened to me a couple minutes ago… I remembered how my gym teacher in the tenth grade said that she liked my hair and I just now realized that she was flirting with me. I’m sure that it’s not even a question as to whether or not she is still into me because I mean why wouldn’t she be. Chicago native Topher Jones is clearly still into Paramore’s “Still Into You”, seeing as how he remixed it a couple days ago and is giving it away for free. Honestly, the production quality of this track isn’t very high. The melody is catchy though and the drop is nice (and obviously the vocals are too), so it makes the cut. Cut is the better option and so is chewing gum loudly with your mouth open right next to me.


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