Kaskade – Atmosphere (AMTRAC Remix)

Posted by on July 29, 2013

I had a predisposition to this song before I gave it a listen, just because I saw AMTRAC on it. Let alone the fact that I’m a big Kaskade fan and really enjoy the original track. As an artist, AMTRAC has an infectiously funky feel. His tracks ooze a deep yet fun, and usually soulful vibe. He always provides interesting work on the vocals of his tracks which help keep his songs incredibly interesting. He brought all of those signature elements to this remix coming right out of the gates with Kaskade’s airy vocals, almost isolated, and then gently lifting you up to a level where he can hit you with the beat. From there, the song is an ever changing adventure; each phrase different from, and yet complimenting the phrase previous to it. This remix really showcases AMTRAC’s sound and skill, and if you like it then definitely check out everything he has touched, it’s all equally awesome. This track was released as half of a remix package out now on Beatport.


Beatport: Kaskade – Atmosphere (Remixes)

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