KR$CHN – Stolen Moments EP

Posted by on June 25, 2013

KR$CHN - Stolen Moments EP

KR$CHN has been on a roll with releases over the past few weeks, and today I bring you his awesome new EP, “Stolen Moments”. The EP opens with “Kush Calling” which more than so, speaks for itself. KR$CHN takes a cool approach on this track, kicking it of with some dope verses and ending it beat strong. The second track “Headbandz” was posted a few days ago and is by far one of my favorite tracks on the EP. It has a great flow that you cannot help but get addicted to. “Dead People” made me curious, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect with how it opened with the hook, but it ended up taking my ears by storm. The beat is dirty, but it is the verses that really reflect the mood that KR$CHN must have been trying to put out. Last, but certainly not least, “Cold Moments” is the only R&B track of the EP. The vocals are beautiful, taking you through a long hallway to a silky red bed. The word “sex” best describes this track. KR$CHN blew away my expections with this EP, these are 4 of the most incredible tracks to be compiled on an EP such as this. Keep your eyes peeled for more from this guy, I believe he is just getting started.

Update: KR$CHN has recently increased the number of tracks currently on the EP!


Name Your Price: KR$CHN – Stolen Moments EP

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