Johnny Stimson – Human Man (The Dirty Tees Mix)

Posted by on June 12, 2013


You know, I probably should have told you guys a while ago but I might as well do it now. I AM attracted to females. You may have thought because I often call guys beautiful and good looking that I was into that sort of thing but no way! There’s nothing I enjoy more than meeting a nice girl, hanging out with her a bit, then never talking to her again. It’s times like this that I am pleased to find an excellent house remix to the song “Human Man” by Johnny Stimson, which is essentially about what every song is about these days, a guy and a girl falling in love. The Dirty Tees are the duo responsible for this great remix so, if you feel like it, go hold a girls hand or something. Make her feel special. Take her to an amusement park or mini golf or whatever, then never talk to her again. It’s the only way.

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  • Jordan

    I was honestly so surprised at the 4min mark when the whole thing took an entirely different turn! I liked it, it was just a huge shock and seems somewhat disjointed with the rest of the track!