My Son The DJ: Laidback Luke

Posted by on June 10, 2013


The fearless and seemingly indefatigable Laidback Luke has done a documentary on his life, not just from a professional standpoint, but really looking at him from his parents standpoint, as a son (as the title says) and then his outside activites not related to DJing.

The 26 minute documentary covers a lot of his life, including his relationship with his parents, his kids and his wife, but there are a few interesting things to really look for. One, his exploits as a Kung Fu fighter are pretty badass and you see him train with his master, which is pretty awesome. You also hear him talk about his family in the Philippines, who are very poor, living at or below the poverty line, while he is making a lot of money. He tries to explain that inner struggle where you see the night and day contract in life styles and he wants to help them get out of their situation, but it is not that simple. He also sheds light on his time when he drank on tour and how he had to stop after one fateful night, a very interesting story and something that seems to more common than you might think with DJs.

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