The Fray – You Found Me (Fidde Stigsson Bootleg)

Posted by on April 23, 2013


I first came across 16 year old Swedish producer Fidde Stigsson a couple months ago late one night when I was doing what I’m sure most teenage guys do late at night when they can’t sleep and have a laptop and headphones nearby; I was searching for house remixes to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”. His remix was one of my favorites at the time, earning himself a coveted follow on Soundcloud. Today he released his new remix to The Fray’s “You Found Me” and it’s a good one. A smooth electric guitar and a catchy melody during the build is a recipe for success. Grab the free download below and, if you enjoyed it, like him on Facebook.

Free Download: The Fray – You Found Me (Fidde Stigsson Bootleg)

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  • What in the name of god does this music have in common with progressive house?????? Get your music facts straight.

  • Mel

    What genre do you suggest I classify it as? Welcome to 2013 where the term progressive house is used freely for tracks ranging from classic, real progressive house (Pryda, pre SHM Axwell, Tim Mason, ect) to commercial big room tracks that, aside from the minute long intro and outro, are essentially just pop songs with a house drop.

    I am fully aware of the difference between real progressive house and what is now being classified as such. Sadly, anything that has two “uplifting” drops at a 126-130 BPM is most likely going to be categorized as progressive house by labels and artists. If we had a category for “Commercial House” then I might have used that. Alas, we do not. So progressive house it is.

  • Gabe

    This is Kiddie Bop