Koven – More Than You EP

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Koven, formerly known as Coven, have just released their newest EP, which consists of one of the greatest releases of the year by far. After my first listen to the release I knew that this EP needed to be more than just a post about the release. So with a little bit of help we were able to ask the duo some questions about music and how it all started, which you can find by reading on below. Besides the two originals on the EP from Koven are two remixes; one from DC Breaks and the other from Roughmath, which are both amazing in their own manner. The title track, More Than You, is the perfect blend of emotion and heaviness into one power packed song. It isn’t an easy task to create such an emotional piece by an artist and also be able to incorporate their flavor of grime as well, but this duo showed us exactly how it needs to be done. Their second track No Blocks seems to be more along the lines of  the neuro/glitchy style of dubstep that artist such as Koan Sound, or Reso create so often. Either way this EP contains some great tracks from all sides of the spectrum and is a must have. Don’t forget to click ‘Read On’ to check out our interview with Koven, and also a big thank you to Viper Recordings for helping make that happen.

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Interview Below

Q: Every artist has a different introduction into producing, what was yours?

A: I first got a program called ‘Dance e-jay’ at an early age which looking back at it is probably the most straight forward program ever but it really sparked my interest into electronic music and it’s possibilities.


Q: What other genre’s of music do you enjoy listening to besides Dubstep?

A: I listen to a vast range of genres. Artists ranging from Radiohead, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, and Bonobo all of which influence my production and the songs we write. 


Q: Name one place in the world you have wanted to perform at, but haven’t yet. Where has been your favorite thus far?

A: I think anywhere in America to be honest. I keep hearing great things about shows and the crowds out there. But ultimately we would like to play as many shows as possible everywhere. i have DJ’d across europe but my favourite show so far has been after starting the Live shows. We recently just got off tour supporting Modestep across the UK, and one of our favourite nights had to be in hometown at ‘KOKO’ in Camden. 


Q: Who are your current favorite EDM artists and why?

A: My favourite EDM artists at the moment has to be Culprate, Eskmo and Noisia. All of their productions and sound designs baffle me. They all get me excited about what the future of electronic music has to offer. 


Q: For the aspiring producers who are probably wondering about your productions and what builds them, what DAW or software do you use, what are your favorite synths and plugins, Mac or PC?

A: I am currently using Logic Pro rewired with Ableton on a Mac. I used to be  ‘PC’ guy and use Cubase a lot however when I began studying music technology at university they only used Mac’s which I wasn’t too pleased about at the time, but I have steadily welcomed it. As for favourite synths and plugins, I tend to use a lot of Albino and random ensembles in Native Instrument’s Reaktor for my synths. And for plugins, my favourite ones are Wave’s C1 Compressor which is a very powerful compressor and PSP’s Vintage Warmer 2 which just makes everything sound warmer which is always good. 


Q: Which artist has given you the best feedback?

A: Got some great feedback from Bassnectar which was amazing as I have been listening and admiring his music for a long time. I also got some good feedback from Rou Reynolds (Lead singer of Enter Shikari) which was really surreal thing as Enter Shikari have been one of my favourite bands since a young teenager. 


Q: Koven has been around for a few years now, how does it feel to be getting more major recognition now?

A: Yeah, we have been doing ‘Koven’ for quite a bit now and it’s just surreal to see it develop as much as it has already and I’m very much looking forward to what comes next. 


Q: Of all your productions so far, which one is your favorite and why?

A: ‘Insect Flick’ is probably the only song I listen to and can zone out and actually enjoy. With the other tracks I’ve done, I’m constantly thinking of ‘Maybe that synth could of been changed here’ etc. But I really enjoyed experimenting with ‘Insect Flick’ and using sounds that I actually recorded rather than using something out of a sample pack. 


Q: Everyone has that one track that always gives them goosebumps, what track would you say is your goosebump-track?

A: Pretty much any Radiohead song sends shivers down my spine. But ‘Videotape’ has to be my goosebump-track. The chord sequence in that song is just epic. 


Q: If you could collaborate with one artist in EDM currently who would it be and why?

A: I would love to collaborate with Culprate as I just think the guy is a genius. To work on an experimental track would be great as his album ‘Colours’ which is full of experimental tracks absoloutely fascinates me. 


Q: What do you want people to walk away with when listening to your music? 

A: I’d be content with people thinking that they haven’t wasted the past 3/4 minutes of their lives. 

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