Twibak – Fluke

Posted by on February 8, 2013


Over the years, I have remained in constant contact with Twibak from across the pond in Sweden. He is a special producer to say the least. Crafting a certain quality in his production that gives you an indefinite feeling of potential; just living life like we all do. He doesn’t release tracks that often, and so this marks a special occasion. ”Fluke” has an alleviated compression feel to it, nothing that exaggerated. Seamless transitions front to back with delicate anthemic work bundled with smooth synths and sprays. Altogether a blissful array of rhythm.

Beatport: Twibak – Fluke

If you like this, feel free to go back in time and hear a personal favorite that I posted years ago. A sweet tune that’s still as relevant today as any, Click Here.


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