Middy’s Top 12 of 2012

Posted by on January 5, 2013

2012 was a crazy year. ASOT 550, Sensation, E Zoo, Inox, Prydz, seeing some of the best DJs in the world two, three, four, five times. It was fun. This was not easy at all and I could go back and forth on this at any moment, but these are those tracks that you could go back to at any moment and be more than happy. They are the ones that have a place in the timeline of the year. This is very separate of what is to come in the next few days — the official best and biggest tracks of 2012.

12. Fedde Le Grand – So Much Love (Deniz Koyu Remix)

An early favorite of mine from 2012, Deniz Koyu has made so many quality songs this year from “Follow You” to “Bong” to “Turn It” and many more and this is the one that I can always go back to.

11. Paul van Dyk & Arty – The Sun After Heartbreak

While “The Ocean” may have gotten most of the attention of the two collabs between the two of them on PVD’s latest album “Evolution”, the smooth trancey, dnb of this song and hauntingly reverbed piano will remain one of my favorites of the year.

10. Andrew Rayel ft. Jano – How Do I Know

If Armin van Buuren makes an intro edit of your song, you have done very well for yourself and Andrew Rayel did just that with one of the biggest trance tracks of the year in “How Do I Know”.

9. Cosmo Klein – By Tonight (Nilson & 8th Note Remix)

Heavily supported by Nicky Romero and one of my favorite remixes of the year, Dutchman Nilson and Israeli duo the 8th Note took Cosmo Klein’s track “By Tonight” to another level and then some.

8. Rudimental – Feel The Love

Must I say anything for this song. It took Rudimental’s career to another stratosphere with the soulful influences and live instruments that made the track that much better.

7. Tom Fall – iRok

A continuation of what Nicky Romero started with “Toulouse” (sadly released December, 17th 2011), Tom Fall started the summer festival season with a high powered electro trance bomb that was played by artists all across the spectrum, with its drop causing notable mayhem in any set.

6. Omnia & IRA – The Fusion

To my previous point about Armin making an into edit of your song, well Omnia and IRA did it right here as well. Also if Armin opens mainstage Ultra,\ or ASOT Den Bosch with your song, then you have done it right. Arguably the biggest trance track of 2012, “The Fusion” is easily one of my favorite of the year. Just imagine being Markus Schulz hearing this for the first time as a promo before this was signed… wow.

5. Eric Prydz – Everyday

While “Allein” may have been the bigger track this year, coming after his 3 CD album earlier this year, “Everyday” has been the shining release from Prydz this year for me in what has been possibly his best year to date. Opening his show at Roseland Ballroom with “Everyday” was just the icing on the cake.

4. Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (W&W vs Jonas Stenberg Remix)

One of those songs I have been searching for forever and finally it was released this year with little fanfare. Every one of these songs have memories attached to it and for me at ASOT 550 after the god of trance had just finished off his set at 4:30 in the morning and then W&W stepped on and crushed it with this track, still unreleased at the time being one of the highlights.

3. Otto Knows – Million Voices

Everything from the choral bits to the soaring melody, this song has it all. It made Otto Knows a name you must know and has been an anthem this year.

2. M-3ox, Heidrun – Beating Of My Heart (Matisse & Sadko Remix)

The most underrated remix of this year. Without a doubt, hands down. I know Arty had a great essential mix back in February, but this was premiered during it and I could not get past this song so I have no idea how it ended. This song epitomizes pure bliss.

1. Hard Rock Sofa – Quasar

As I said before, all of these songs create a memory or a set or memories for me and “Quasar” is one of the most vivid in 2012. “Quasar” created what I have dubbed the “Quasar Moment”. At 6:10am on New Years Eve 2011 into 2012 at Pier 94 NYC, Swanky Tunes dropped “Quasar”, causing absolute mayhem for those this still left at the show. The only true “Quasar Moment” I had the rest of the year was Hardwell dropping Dyro & Rene Kuppens “Raid” at 6:45am on Friday night of Inox Festival. This song has one of the most powerful bass lines of the year and in its bootlegged form with “Coming Home” and “Aerodynamic” has become one of the biggest tracks of the year.

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