Skrillex – Leaving EP

Posted by on January 3, 2013

For those of you who have been lamenting the lack of new Sonny Moore material in recent months, the wait is now over: we’ve got a brand spankin’ new EP from The Little Guy to blast, compare to his past productions, and generally over analyze (“But why doesn’t this sound more like ‘Reptile?’ Ugh, I hate the direction he’s going in now.”) The only catch? To download it, you have to sign up for The Nest, OWSLA’s recently announced digital subscription service that gives you access to early downloads, VIPs, unreleased material, and much more from Team OWSLA.

The EP itself is short but quite diverse. It opens on its most high energy note with “The Reason,” a hard and catchy four minutes of electro house that make heavy use of those trademark choppy vocals. We also get a funky, midtempo trap-influenced breakdown — since trap is officially the most ubiquitous thing happening in electronic music at the moment. From there, it’s onto “Scary Bolly Dub,” a dub reboot of “Scary Monsters” which will be immediately familiar to anyone who’s caught Skrillex live in the past few months. Finally, the title track, which is restrained, darkly melodic, and downtempo; thanks to garage-influenced breakbeats, it’s illustrative of Skrillex’s range as a producer. Yes, to gain access to this EP you must take on the monthly subscription fee to The Nest, but if you’re a serious fan of OWSLA’s work it will be a small price to pay.

Download via The Nest: Skrillex – Leaving EP
Stream on YouTube: Skrillex – Leaving EP

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