Marc Goone – Hunger ft. Futuristic (prod. by Aaron Zuckerman)

Posted by on November 27, 2012

Marc Goone, one of my favorite up and comers, is dropping his first exclusive video with Fresh New Tracks. We’ve posted his music before, yet have never had the opportunity to have an exclusive release. I really think Marc is on to something with his music, and Aaron Zuckerman has crafted his last couple of beats perfectly. I was discussing with my brother, a Potholes in My Blog writer, how opinion based music is. I really enjoy Marc’s music, but any one of you could hate it, and I think people have a hard time accepting that other people could enjoy something that they don’t enjoy. But my grievances against internet bullies can be discussed on a later date, with a full, multi page post. But for now, check out the awesome video above, and follow Marc on Twitter, you won’t regret it.