Accent — X-Men & Street Fighter Verses [Video]

Posted by on November 4, 2012

Every once in awhile I come across an emcee who is truly deserving of that title — who is creating art, and knows the difference between hip-hop and the glorified pop rap of syndicated radio. Too many prospective artists lack the mastery of lyricism, cadence, and rhythm to sustain a listener’s ears for a full track, let alone an entire project. To this issue, however, there are a handful of antidotes, and Accent is one of them. Known as the “best poet rapping,” Accent has garnered FNT fame through collaborations with Kinetics, Mike Stud, and Radical Something, and seeks to set a new standard for hip-hop. In preparation for his upcoming Sight & Sound mixtape, here’s a video of him spitting a few dazzling verses about X-Men and Street Fighter that — even as acapellas — are more compelling than most rappers can manage to sound on top-shelf beats. Check it out below and stay connected with him as he prepares his new project for release.

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