Nero, Adventure Club & Fareoh @ Hammerstein Ballroom 10/27

Posted by on October 31, 2012

On Saturday when the dance music community was fawning over the fact that Sensation was on the second night of its US debut (some of them would later show up at this concert) Nero, Adventure Club, Fareoh and Alex English were putting on a clinic at Hammerstein Ballroom. While there were some issues with the sound in that the bass all came from the floor speakers and the mids and highs came from the hanging speakers, the overall production and atmosphere was great. Alex English started off the night with a good, energetic warm up set as the crowd slowly started to file in. Fareoh followed him up with a big room set mixing in his own remixes and originals with some well crafted bootlegs. Read on to see how the rest of the night went and the full photo album is on Facebook.

The show took a bit of a left turn when Lindsey Sterling came on and premiered a dubstep violin track, but overall it served more as a breather before the onslaught of Adventure Club & Nero.

Adventure Club was next up on the docket and usually it is the dynamic duo of Christian Srigley and Leighton James, however Christian hurt his back (Tiesto?) and that left Leighton solely at the controls. The final visuals were unveiled at this point of the night, allowing for the full production to go into effect. The set had the normal Adventure Club selections you would want, though it differed in that there were some tricky and interesting bootlegs tossed in as well, something I was not expecting from him and brought an added dimension to the night. However, Adventure Club are known for their energy, chemistry and charisma behind the decks, and without Christian there, Leighton seemed a bit lost. The energy just wasn’t as high as it has been at past shows and he was hard at work mixing and did not have the time to get as involved with the crowd as he might otherwise would have.

At around 1:30 the emperor hit the decks and again it was just one of the two and he was not donning the typical Nero attire that has made their live shows so unique. Nero brought along Alana, the singer on many of their songs including “Innocence”, “Promises” and “Guilt” among other huge Nero tracks. Her singing brought the tracks to life and with her charisma, gave the show an added human dimension to connect with. Nero did not just stick to dubstep, but rather mixed in some electro and even some trap, keeping the crowd on their toes the entire night. Tracks like the aforementioned Alana sung “Promises” and “Innocence”, “Me and You”, his remix of “Feel So Close” and the recent “Won’t You (Be There)” all got awesome reactions from the nearly capacity crowd. The night brought together some of the new faces on the scene and the veteran force in Nero in one bass heavy, sloppy night.

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