Accent — The One I Need (Prod. Kid Vision)

Posted by on August 26, 2012

Here it is, world. The premiere of Accent’s new single, “The One I Need,” which will be included on his upcoming EP Sight & Sound, a collaboration with producer Kid Vision (who has gained some FNT notoriety for his production on Kinetics’ “Cosmic Consciousness” and “845”, as well as KAM Royal’s mixtape “Still Waters”). Over a beat infused with soulful sample-chops, Acc spits some of the most ornate rhymes you’ll ever hear from an unsigned artist, pairing together words you didn’t think were possible to rhyme with extraordinary ease. Accent, a gifted spoken-word poet from the L.E.S., has been steadily gaining popularity as an artist since his last mixtape (I Love Nujabes) and most recently from his four features on Kinetics’ With A Little Help From My Friends, including the standout “Make It Work” which also featured Missy Modell. This leak is certainly a testament to how seasoned the skills are of this upstart artist, and how anxious we should all be for Sight & Sound. You can also hear him this Tuesday on Kinetics & One Love’s new album You Are Not Alone, which is dropping on iTunes.

DOWNLOAD: Accent — The One I Need (Prod. Kid Vision)


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