Mojo — Superman EP

Posted by on August 13, 2012

Just released today on Buygore Records, was Mojo’s latest EP titled “Superman EP”. After Mojo’s last hit track Carnival I haven’t heard any distinctive tracks that have been worth while from him, until recently. This EP consists of four tracks each of which are unique in style compared to any tracks we have seen released lately.

Starting off with Superman, this track contains some smooth melodies alongside some distorted, overdriven sounds blended into a great progression. This is one of those tracks where the drop just streams straight through the track instead of blowing your ear drums into pieces. It serves as more of an emotional and easy going listen. In Warmin Up and Trigger Finger Mojo brings out the grimy, vigorous sounds that I could see FuntCase playing out at this shows, which means these tracks are no joke. They are the crowd pleasing tracks on the EP that keep the suspense in the intro and then crush the crowds in the drop. The last track on the EP is The Future, which is a mid-tempo styled track that reminds me of a beefed up version of what we see Culprate and Koan Sound making. Grab the EP on Beatport HERE.

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