David Guetta ft. Sia – She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) [Extended + Remixes]

Posted by on August 7, 2012

David Guetta has released the follow up to his worldwide hit “Titanium” with Sia accompanying him on vocals. It is to be released as part of his re-release of Nothing But The Beat this September. No one has accused David Guetta (or his writing and producing team) of being very creative so do not surprised when you recognize the melody from “Metropolis” in here, however this song is going to be absolutely massive. It has just the right amount of dance flair to keep the haters at bay, while adding the radio friendly twist with Sia’s gorgeous vocals to continue his stranglehold of the airwaves.

While the dance piano sound has been beaten down to the ground and then some, Michael Calfan found a way to resurrect it for his remix and reconstructs the chorus using said dance piano, layering eloquently, keeping the sound fresh. Sandro Silva keeps the builds, interludes and vocals from the original, like Michael Calfan, but adds a drop that sounds almost identical to the ever potent “Epic”, though the progression is a bit different. I could see this one becoming popular for those who want to get the “Epic” sound in their set as this remix almost sounds like a bootleg. All of the mixes are great in their own right — from the radio friendly, yet dance leaning extended cut from Guetta, the blissful remix from Michael Calfan and the “Epic” remix from Sandro Silva, this is an impressive package from top to bottom.

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